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Required Courses - Common Law (LCOM)

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College of Law Dates to Remember

Fall Term 2009

August 14-22 New student orientation
August 24 Classes begin
August 28 Add deadline
October 17 Withdraw deadline
October 30 Last day to apply for graduation
December 4 Last day of classes
December 9-22 Final Exams

Spring Term 2010

January 7 New students arrive
January 11 Classes begin
January 15 Add deadline
March 12 Withdraw deadline
April 26 Last day of classes
April 29-May 12 Final Exams

Common Law (Prefix LCOM)

  • LCOM L700 Contracts I 3 hrs.
    This course provides an introduction to contract law in the United States. Its coverage usually includes contract formation, enforceability of promises, and remedies, among other topics.
  • LCOM L701 Contracts II 3 hrs.
    This course continues the examination of contract law initiated in Contracts I and usually includes a study of remedies, conditions, breach, assignments, and the statute of frauds.
  • LCOM L705 Common Law Property I 3 hrs.
    This course covers estates, landlord and tenant, easements, and promises respecting the use and enjoyment of land.
  • LCOM L710 Common Law Property II 3 hrs.
    This course covers limitations on ownership (nuisance, right of support, etc.) fixtures, adverse possession, personal property, and conveyances of real property.
  • LCOM L715 Trusts and Estates 3 hrs.
    This course considers legal aspects of wealth transmission including intestate succession, wills, trusts, and administration.