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Fall Term 2009

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August 24 Classes begin
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October 17 Withdraw deadline
October 30 Last day to apply for graduation
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December 9-22 Final Exams

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The judges of the Supreme Court of Louisiana, the United States District Court, the Office of the United States Department of Labor, the Office of the United States Coast Guard, the Office of the National Labor Relations Board, and the Office of the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board have established extern programs in which the College of Law participates. Other courts or agencies may qualify for establishing new extern programs if, in the judgment of the associate dean of academic affairs, they meet the same standards for supervision and evaluation as do the existing extern programs.

First-year and second-year law students in the upper half of their class may apply to participate in the program during their next year of study. Enrollment is limited. The selection of the externs is made by the judges or supervising attorney.

The Loyola Law Clinic supervises the instruction and administration of the extern program. A student who qualifies and is accepted must obtain the consent of the Loyola Law Clinic to participate in an externship. There is a regular classroom component. In addition, the student must submit weekly journals and timesheets.

The extern must be willing to devote at least 12 – 15 hours a week to work assignments over two semesters, except for the examination period and preceding week.

It is anticipated that the extern will engage in the preparation of memoranda in connection with the business of the courts and agencies. The extern will learn basic administration and record keeping procedures of the court or agency. A participant may have an opportunity to sit in on arguments or motions on which he or she has worked or otherwise observe related proceedings.

Loyola has several extern programs with the federal and state judiciary, and from time to time, with various government or non-profit agenices. Students interested in these programs should contact the Loyola Law Clinic for additional information.

United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana:

The Hon. Sarah S. Vance, Chief Judge
The Hon. Lance M. Africk
The Hon. Carl Barbier*
The Hon. Peter Beer
The Hon. Helen G. Berrigan
The Hon. Stanwood R. Duval, Jr.
The Hon. Eldon E. Fallon
The Hon. Kurt D. Engelhart
The Hon. Martin L.C. Feldman
The Hon. Ivan L.R. Lemelle*
The Hon. Mary Ann Lemmon*
The Hon. Marcel Livaudais, Jr.
The Hon. A.J. McNamara*
The Hon. G. Thomas Porteous, Jr.
The Hon. Jay C. Zainey


The Hon. Alma L. Chasez
The Hon. Daniel E. Knowles, III
The Hon. Louis Moore, Jr.
The Hon. Karen Wells Roby
The Hon. Sally Shushan*
The Hon. Joseph C. Wilkinson, Jr.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court:

Chief Judge Terry A. Brown
Judge Elizabeth W. Magner

Supreme Court of Louisiana:

Jeffery Gregoire, Extern Supervisor
The Hon. Pascal F. Calogero, Jr.*
The Hon. Bernette J. Johnson
The Hon. Jeffrey P. Victory
The Hon. Jeannette Theriot Knoll*
The Hon. Chet D. Traylor*
The Hon. Catherine D. Kimball
The Hon. John L. Weimer

Orleans Parish Civil District Court

Judge Tiffany Thomas

United States Department of Labor

Administrative Law Judges:
The Hon. Richard D. Mills, Chief Judge
The Hon. C. Richard Avery
The Hon. Quentin P. McColgin
The Hon. James W. Kerr, Jr.
The Hon. Lee J. Romero, Jr.*

Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board:

Elizabeth M. Row, Staff Attorney*

United States Coast Guard:

Lt. Demetrius Cheeks, Coordinator

National Labor Relations Board—Region 15:

S.L. Hightower, Field Attorney

Office of the United States Trustee:

R. Michael Bolen, United States Trustee
Mary Langston, Assistant United States Trustee*

Office of the Judicial Administrator:

Hugh M. Collins, Ph.D.
Mark Harris, Extern Supervisor

Advocacy Center for the Elderly and Disabled:

Ann E. Maclaine, Director of Legal Services

Orleans Public Defenders Office

Chris Flood, Extern Supervisor

Federal Public Defender

Cynthia Cimino, Extern Supervisor

United States Attorney

Brian Klebba, Extern Supervisor

The Capital Appeals Project

Elizabeth Cumming, Extern Supervisor

Capital Post-Conviction Project of Louisiana

Gary Clements, Extern Supervisor

*Graduate, Loyola University New Orleans College of Law