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Undergraduate & Graduate Dates to Remember*

Fall Term 2009

August 26-30 Wolfpack Welcome
August 31 Classes begin
September 4
Add deadline
October 30 Last day to withdraw & last day
to apply for graduation
December 11 Last day of classes
December 12-18 Final Exams

Spring Term 2010

January 8 New Student Orientation
January 11 Classes begin
January 15 Add deadline
March 12 Last day to withdraw & last day to apply for graduation
April 28 Last day of classes
April 30 - May 6 Final Exams
May 8 Commencement - all colleges

*College of Law dates on Law Bulletin


LGST B200 Business Law I 3 crs.

This course covers private commercial transactions, including contracts, sales, and property. Commercial paper, agency, partnerships, and corporation law are also included.

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing

LGST B201 Business Law II 3 crs.

This course covers in greater depth selected topics from LGST B200.

Prerequisite: LGST B200; sophomore standing

LGST B205 Legal Environment of Business 3 crs.

This course is an introductory course covering the nature and operation of the U.S. legal system, constitutional law affecting commerce, employment discrimination law, and environmental protection law.

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing

LGST B210 Law for International Business 3 crs.

This course discusses basic legal principles of engaging in business transactions subject to the law of foreign jurisdictions, and processes available and rules that apply to the solutions of international business problems.

Prerequisites: LGST B200 or LGST B205; junior standing

LGST B493 Special Topics in Legal Studies 3 crs.

Prerequisite: Junior standing

LGST B499 Independent Study in Legal Studies arr.

See description in College of Business overview