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Fall Term 2009

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August 31 Classes begin
September 4
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December 11 Last day of classes
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Interdisciplinary minors are offered in African and African American studies, American studies, Catholic studies, Computational Science, Environmental studies, Latin American studies, Legal Studies, Medieval studies, Middle East Peace Studies and Women’s studies. Information concerning specific requirements for minors is available in the departments and in the college dean’s office. If the requirements for the minor are not completed by graduation, the minor will not be indicated on the transcript. A minimum 2.0 GPA is required in the minor. Except in the departments of languages a student may not major and minor within the same department. Listed below are the requirements for interdisciplinary minors:

  • African and African American Studies, 21 hrs.
    History choose one (HIST X172, X180, W142, W186, A276, A277, A349, A350, A440, A442); Humanities choose one (ENGL V173, V177, V178, A250, A450); Social Sciences choose one (POLS A221; SOCI X154, X155, A220); Electives choose four from above listing. WEB PAGE:
  • American Studies, 21 hrs.
    ENGL A342, HIST A200; Group I, choose one (CMMN X170, ENGL V170, HIST X170, PHIL A430); Group II, choose one (POLS X154, A211, A212, A213, A215, SOCI X132, X152, X155, A220; HIST A201, A334); Group III, choose one (DRAM V142, V143, RELS V167); Group IV, choose two (consult minor adviser for selection). WEB PAGE:
  • Asian Studies, 21 hrs.
    HIST X294; JPNS A100 and JPNS A101 or CHIN A100 and CHIN A101; JPNS/CHIN A200; Choose nine hours from the following East Asian Culture/History courses: JPNS U250, V251, V252, V253; HIST A390, A391, A 392, A 393, A394; RELS A310, A411, U253, U265, U377, V260, V277; PHIL U234, U237; POLS A200, A315, A320. WEB PAGE:
  • Catholic Studies, 21 hrs.
    RELS V152, U147, electives (15 hrs.) should be chosen in consultation with Catholic studies adviser. WEB PAGE:
  • Computational Science, 21 or 22 hrs.
    Must complete four core courses (MATH A211, A257, A271, A375) and one of the following four options - OPTION1: MATH A258, A212, A498 (2 crs); OPTION 2: MATH A258, A498 (4 crs); OPTION 3: PSYC A303 or MATH A260 or DESC B205 and MATH A498 (2 crs) and MATH A212 or additonal MATH A498 (3 crs); OPTION 4: MATH A212 and MATH A498 (5 crs). WEB PAGE:
  • Environmental Studies, 21 hrs.
    MATH/NAT SCI (6 hrs.); BUSN/SOC SCI (6 hrs.); humanities (6 hrs.); Internship/Practicum (3 hrs.). See Environmental Studies chair or Humanities and Natural Sciences dean’s office for specific courses. WEB PAGE:
  • Film Studies, 21 hrs.
    Choose 21 hrs. from: CMMN A329, A441, A442, A443, A444, A445, and ENGL V144, A313, A370, A372, A413, A470, A472.  WEB PAGE:
  • Latin American Studies, 18 hrs.
    SPAN A200, A201, A300 or A301; choose one (SPAN A350 or HIST A220); choose two from: HIST A221 or SPAN A351; HIST W142, X143, X145, A414, SOCI A260, A400, X145; SPAN A340, A341, A410, A455, A456; RELS A305. WEB PAGE:
  • Legal Studies, 21 hrs.
    Choose 21 hours from courses listed below.  Courses must be selected from at least 2 colleges and 3 departments with no more than 2 courses from the same department.  BA/MFA Colleges: ECON B330; LGST B200, B205, B310; MUIN M205. HNS College: CLHU U238, ENGL V234, HIST A230, A231, A232, A305, PHIL A225, V234, RELS U396. SS College: CMMN A355, A401, A451; CRJU C105, C110, C345, C405, C430; POLS A212, A218, A300, A301, A340, X252; SOCI A215, A216, A315, A333, A416, X252. WEB PAGE:
  • Medieval Studies, 18 hrs.
    Required courses are: ENGL A316, HIST A306, and a "medieval thought" component consisting of one of the following courses: PHIL A405, RELS A201, RELS U186, or other PHIL or RELS approved by the medieval studies adviser. The remaining 9 credit hours should come from the following core courses (CLHU U165, CLHU U174, ENGL A260, ENGL A340, ENGL A341, ENGL A475, ENGL U188, ENGL U189, ENGL U195, ENGL U199, HIST A307, HIST W140, HIST A381, LATN A435, MUGN U194, POLS W149, RELS A200, RELS U134) or from these supporting courses with the permission of the medieval studies adviser (CLHU U146, ENGL H233, LATN A430, POLS A230, RELS U185, SPAN A310). WEB PAGE:
  • Middle East Peace Studies, 21 hrs.
    Must complete one of the following seminars: HIST X254 OR HIST A495 OR HIST H295. Then choose nine hours from the following: HIST A288, A289, A304, W256, *X254, *A495, *H295 (*if not taken as a seminar).  Then choose nine hours from the following two categories: 1) Normative Views, 2) Historical and Insitutional Practices - choose at least one course from each category.  Normative Views: RELS A442, H295; PHIL V235, V280; ENGL A216, A437, U232, V234, V292, V296.  Historical and Institutional Practices: HIST X264, A328; POLS A315, A320, A340, A341, X258. WEB PAGE:
  • Women’s Studies, 21 hrs.
    To minor in Women's Studies, students take seven Women's Studies courses: Students have the option of choosing one of the following three courses to satisfy the introductory requirement: WSA 100 Women, Society, and Culture, SOCI A250 Sociology of Gender, or PHIL V141 Philosophical Perspectives on Women. Students are required to take the Women's Studies Senior Seminar (WS 496) or they may petition the chair of Women's Studies to take a Directed Readings course with one or more faculty members who contribute to the Women's Studies minor.  Students are also required to take five additional electives from the list of approved WS courses across at least three disciplines.
    For a complete listing of the courses please visit the Women's Studies website at:

Where specific courses are not named, please consult the chair of the minor department.